Polyphony and Hof HaSharon's Annual Collaboration - Polyphony
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Polyphony and Hof HaSharon’s Annual Collaboration

Polyphony and Hof HaSharon’s Annual Collaboration

In March, musicians from the Polyphony Conservatory Orchestra and the Choir School of Education in Hasharon Beach came together for the second weekend of their annual collaboration and performance.

The musicians combine into a small choral symphony and rehearse in anticipation of a cumulative concert. Below is a video of a rehearsal from the final weekend which culminated in Nazareth.

The collaboration takes place over the course of two weekends during the school year: during the first weekend, approximately 14 students from Nazareth travel about an hour to Shefayim. Polyphony’s students are hosted by local families and parents of the 25 students who sing in the Beit Hinuch choir.

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