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Polyphony Ensemble Tours Belgium

Polyphony Ensemble Tours Belgium

The Polyphony Ensemble traveled to Belgium in September where they gave over 10 concerts at a variety of independent venues, including the Ghent Festival of Flanders. Performances featured works by Vivaldi, Bach, Stamitz, Grieg, and favorite selections in Arab and Jewish traditions.  

2018 Ensemble Members

Hisham Khoury
Ibrehim Boulos
Jeries Saleh  
Nasif Francis
Ron Taieb
Shachar Simionovich

Phobe Kemhawe
Mark Koch

Eli Levi
Tal Ginzburg

Sagit Zur

Samir Greieeb

Selected Pieces

J.S. Bach – Orchestral Suite No. 2 in b minor

Edvard Grieg – The Holberg Suite, Op. 40 Aus Holbergs Zeit

Antonio Vivaldi – L’Inverno (Winter) 

Karl Stamitz, Quartet in Eb for Bb Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello. 

“Yedid Nefesh” – a Jewish liturgical poem


“Ya laure hobouki”



Friday, September 14, Zottegem
The Polyphony Ensemble will perform works by Vivaldi, Bach, Stamitz, Grieg, and favorite selections in Arab and Jewish traditions for local community leaders in the central church of Zottegem in Belgium’s province of East Flanders.

Saturday, September 15, Ghent
The Ensemble will perform at OdeGand, part of the Ghent Festival of Flanders’ opening day celebrations and performances. They’ll play works by Vivaldi, Bach, Stamitz and more at the St. Anna Church. Performances at 13:15; 15:30; 17:00.

Sunday, September 16, Deinze
By invitation of the Rotary Club Deinze, Polyphony will perform for an audience at Sint-Hendrik College in Deinze and enjoy a reception after. Tickets are available here. Works by Vivaldi, Bach, Stamitz, Grieg, and favorite selections in Arab and Jewish traditions.

Tuesday, September 18, Zottegem
Private performance

Wednesday, September 19
The Ensemble will be joined by a guest pianist to perform a Mozart piano concerto to a private audience.

Thursday, September 20, Ghent
Polyphony will open an evening of performances, part of the Ghent Festival van Vlaanderen, with living legends by Belgian singer-songwriter Sioen, Belgian pianist Jef Neve, and composer and conductor Dirk Brossé. The concert will take place at De Bijloke, a 13th-century architectural marvel in the city’s historic center.

Where did they go?

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