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Polyphony Receives Funds for Alhan Multi-Year Curriculum

Polyphony Receives Funds for Alhan Multi-Year Curriculum

Polyphony is very grateful to receive generous funding in the amount of $100,000 from the Louis L. Borick Foundation to develop a multi-year curriculum for Alhan.

The program’s annual model has been successful for years and Polyphony now has the opportunity to make a lasting impact through a comprehensive, age-appropriate learning sequence for each kindergarten, elementary and middle grades. Children experience a neutral ground through classical music, and it is from this space that the curriculum introduces both Arab and Jewish music and cultures to students. In this way, the curriculum is suitable for both Arab and Jewish schools in Israel and helps bring them closer through a shared curriculum.

A gradual introduction from an early age to different cultures opens the ears and hearts of young people to other each other’s cultures. The early stages are based on intuitive exposure and reactions to sounds and melodies. As the students advance, the curriculum will increasingly focus the cultural background and history of the music. Older children will also venture into areas that will develop the concept of connoisseurship, or the art of appreciation, and draw from students’ experiences to understand what is significant about the music.

Polyphony was able to hire Judith Fenkiel to help with this project. She recently retired from her position in the Ministry of Education as a General Subject Supervisor for Music and Kindergarten. In her previous work, she managed regional supervisors and ensured that schools throughout Israel met government requirements, and also had the authority to allocate funds to particular areas in the country.

Judith will work with Polyphony over the next two years to develop the new curriculum in which children will participate during the course of their kindergarten, elementary, and middle school education.

Polyphony is grateful to the Louis L. Borick Foundation for their support in this endeavor. The Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities for people to reach their full potential, positively contribute to society and participate in a culturally rich community by supporting education, youth and leadership development, and the arts.

Why Classical Music
Classical music has a unique and powerful educational impact on the emotional and cognitive growth of every child. Through engagement with classical music, children learn how to listen, express themselves, and communicate with others. The international acceptance of classical music provides a connection with a universal community and a sense of global citizenship. As such, classical music can serve as a neutral and comfortable entry point to meet and engage other cultures and people around the world.

Learn more about Alhan here.


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