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Schools in Zevulun and Polyphony Expand Alhan

Schools in Zevulun and Polyphony Expand Alhan

The Zevulun Regional Council, located in the Haifa District between the cities of Haifa and Nazareth, is expanding its partnership with Polyphony: now, all four of the region’s elementary school will participate in Alhan.

There are meaningful efforts between Regional Council, the area’s school headmasters, and Polyphony to create additional programs that will enrich music education in the Region’s institutions and advance the vision of a shared future for Arab and Jewish students.

This year, the Alhan curriculum features Prokofiev’s classic narrated work, Peter and the Wolf.  Local high school students from the Arab and Jewish high schools in Zevulun will collaborate on a theatrical production of the piece and will perform it with Polyphony’s musicians at the end of the school year for the area’s students attending Alhan’s Explained Concerts.

In the coming months, Polyphony will continue to work with the Zevulun Region Council to focus on meeting regional needs by creating and implementing a more distinct approach for the area. Stay tuned for more updates as our partnership continues to develop.

Where is Zevulun?

The Zevulun Regional Council is located in the Haifa District of Israel. It is home to over a dozen communities, including kibbutzi and Arab villages. In 2014, its population numbered 12,900. The Council governs an area of approximately 24.25 square miles, or 62.82 square kilometers. For more information on this area of Israel, visit the Council’s official website here.

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