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Polyphony Receives Support for Scholar-in-Residence Expansion

Polyphony Receives Support for Scholar-in-Residence Expansion

Polyphony is delighted to announce two generous grants to develop the Scholar-in-Residence Seminar program into a multi-year initiative. The Diane P. & Guilford Glazer Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles and the Twin Oak Philanthropic Fund have dedicated significant funds to support this expansion and bring the Seminars to their full potential.

A long-term commitment from the Kenneth Goldman Donor Fund has enabled the Scholar-in-Residence Seminars to flourish for several years and has provided over 100 musicians an immersive opportunity to make music and interact with their peers, and with this additional support, the Seminars will now reach a new level.

In the expanded two-year Seminar program, 24 participating students will be divided into small chamber groups and meet throughout the year for rehearsals and discussion. This will be in addition to the Seminar’s twice-annual immersions at Keshet Eilon.

Through a partnership with the Minerva Institute at Tel Aviv University, graduates of this expanded Seminar program will be eligible to obtain academic credit at the University. Additionally, two graduates of the Seminar will receive full scholarships to Tel Aviv University to double major in Arab and Jewish studies and Music.

This multi-year initiative will enable Polyphony to strengthen collegiality among peers, help them build a future community among each other, and, finally, empower students to advocate for mutual understanding and tolerance.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to enact a focused plan for the growth, sustainability, and longevity of this program. 

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