Spring Scholar-in-Residence Seminar - Polyphony
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Spring Scholar-in-Residence Seminar

Spring Scholar-in-Residence Seminar

Those guys are absolutely fantastic. Ibrahim is very talented, where did he come from I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. - Chaim Taub

Last week, Keshet Eilon Music Center hosted the spring Scholar-in-Residence Seminar. The seminar included individual lessons, ensemble rehearsals with Keshet Eilon’s Music Director, Itzhak Rashkovsky, a masterclass with violinist Chaim Taub, and a masterclass for a string quartet with cellist Claudio Bohórquez.

The students also enjoyed a concert with violinist Kolja Blacher, cellist Claudio Bohórquez, and pianist Saleem Abboud Ashkar. With many repeat students this spring, the seminar has become one of Polyphony’s most invigorating programs.

Violinists Ibrahim Boulos and Eesa Khehouri, violist Idan Hayat, and cellist Amalia Faibish came together to perform a piece by Schubert. In three short days, they met each other, rehearsed, and performed the piece. They worked on the piece in a masterclass with Claudio Bohórquez, world-renowned cellist, and had coaching sessions with Chaim Taub, former concertmaster of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

When we play, we totally forget where we come from and it is only about the music. - Eesa
When we play together, we need to act as one player so I think we feel that we’re all equal and we understand each other very well. The music connects us and it feels beautiful to play together. - Amalia
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