Impact - Polyphony
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Polyphony impacts students and teachers throughout Israel…


Polyphony maintains a complete, holistic approach in its music appreciation curriculum program, Alhan, which has been recognized by the Ministries of Education and Culture for its effectiveness and capacity for change. Through Alhan, Polyphony brings together both Arab and Jewish teachers for training sessions on the curriculum. In 2017, a total of 220 teachers from 215 elementary schools and 22 kindergartens in 37 towns were trained to incorporate Alhan. Together, they reached over 10,000 students.

in the practice room….


With an emphasis on excellence in each of its programs, Polyphony provides a comprehensive education to its Conservatory students, many of whom have continued university-level studies and won significant competitions, including two first prizes for Arab students in the Paul Ben-Haim competition. In 2017, the Nazareth Conservatory had 120 students receiving lessons from 19 teachers, 11 of whom come to Nazareth once a week, and seven teachers visited twice a week. The Conservatory’s student-teacher ratio is 6:1, on par with most US conservatories, and ensures numerous opportunities for interaction and growth.

and beyond.


Polyphony’s activities demonstrate the potential value of social, cultural, and economic integration to participants, students, community members, partners, and visitors alike. Contact and interaction, especially via shared interests such as music, can broaden perceptions, and also fosters understanding among individuals of different backgrounds.

“It [Polyphony] broke all the stereotypes, and it changed my way of thinking and how I behave, how I see things. I see it now differently, I see it now more [like] living in peace.”

— Mahdi, 18-year-old Arab boy



“Without Polyphony’s activities, Hadas and our family would not have had the opportunity to meet and get to know our neighbors.”


— Yael, mother of 12-year-old Jewish boy Hadas


Arab and Jewish children
involved since 2006


Total participating schools in
Arab and Jewish communities


Hours of Conservatory lessons
and classes students received in 2018.


schoolchildren introduced to
classical music in 2018


Conservatory students in Nazareth
studying voice, piano, strings, and more


Conservatory graduates who give back by
teaching and performing


Arab and Jewish concert
audience members each year


Countries where Polyphony
performed in 2018