Mission & Vision - Polyphony
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Our Mission:


Polyphony Education aims to bridge the divide between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel through classical music and to serve as a worldwide model for cooperation based on cultural exchange, dialogue and partnership.

Our Vision:


Polyphony envisions an Israeli society where Arab and Jewish youth receive equal access to musical education and training of the highest caliber and are provided ongoing opportunities to learn, rehearse and perform together. Through our holistic, multi-tiered approach, young Israelis from diverse backgrounds can create new possibilities for themselves, families, communities and fellow musicians.


In the process, they are also obtaining a heightened understanding of the social context and importance of music in society and of their value as musicians, role models and ambassadors for promoting intercultural dialogue and reconciliation.

Our Goals:


1. To promote understanding and collaboration among Arab and Jewish communities in Israel.
2. Through a common passion for music and shared accomplishment, develop a cadre of future leaders committed to advancing civil society.

See how Polyphony’s programs serve our mission, vision, and goals here.

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