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Polyphony Launches Trom Kli

Polyphony Launches Trom Kli

Inspired by Alhan’s success in bringing music to children across Israel, the Conservatory in Nazareth has launched a new program focused on early childhood education. Trom Kli is a yearlong program that uses an intensified Alhan curriculum as its model and provides its four and five-year-old students three concerts and other opportunities to engage with music.

The Conservatory is experiencing consistent growth and has recruited 40 new students this year. We welcome a new teacher from Haifa who is a student at Tel Aviv University’s Buchmann-Mehta School of Music and also a member of the Galilee Orchestra. He comes twice a week to Nazareth to teach violin.  The Conservatory also welcomes several music theory teachers, some of whom are eight-year veterans of the Alhan curriculum.

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